The Blue City



Istanbul, Turkey, 2008


by a neighbourly way,
I feel like an odd
female slave,
captured by
the men’s stare
in this harbour
coffee shop.

The blue city
on the blue sea-shore…
but look,
I am singing about Bosfore,
and will cry as much as I need to,
because soon I have to go
and I’m full of sorrow.

Sitting gently on the sofa,
smoking a „shisha“,
I cover my tears with smoke,
pretending, oh, my God,
I am crying over the History,
I never actually cared much about…

You know,
my tears are because
in my lonely life
I felt only once
the Big Love,
and only for a while.

While standing on the sea-shore,
I fall in love with this City’s feelings
and my love gave me a big joy,
so the days I’ve passed living
in Istanbul were the happiest
in my whole life.

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